Dental Assisting Schools

Dental Assisting Schools

Get started in a rewarding career as a Dental Assistant


Is to provide our students with a basic understanding of the field of dentistry and help them  obtain the skills necessary to have a successful and rewarding career.

The Dental Assisting Course offered here is a thirteen week program consisting of 96 hours of instruction and practical training. In addition to that, each student will do a 40 hour internship, totaling 136 hours of instruction.

Goal and Objective: To prepare each student for a career in the field of dentistry. This course schedule is designed to meet that vocational goal and objectives. Each week the student will receive 4 hours of lecture and video instruction with approximately 5 hours of clinical or hands on instruction. Home work is provided with an average of 3 hours per week.

Internship: Is designed to give students additional hands on training that they wouldn’t get in a classroom setting. They will develop practical skills and become familiar and comfortable working with and around patients. The internship office and dentist will ensure that each student get the required 40 hours’ worth of training.

The students will work directly under the supervision of a licensed dentist and their staff. This will give the students valuable experience while assisting the doctor chair-side and being directly involved with sterilization and front office. The doctor will ensure that the required 40 hours is completed with a pass/fail grade. Students must receive a “pass” grade on their internship in order to graduate from the program.


We are proudly offering classes in the following locations:

Dental Assisting School – O’Fallon, Missouri

Dental Assisting School – Madisonville, Kentucky

Dental Assisting School – Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii